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Specific niches for lung-resident memory CD8+ T cells at the site of tissue regeneration enable CD69-independent maintenance
Takamura et al. show that most lung CD8+ TRM cells are not maintained in the inducible bronchus-associated lymphoid tissue (iBALT) but are maintained in specific niches created at the site of tissueExpand
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Synthesis and biological evaluation of novel FK228 analogues as potential isoform selective HDAC inhibitors.
Novel C4- and C7-modified FK228 analogues were efficiently synthesized in a highly convergent and unified manner. This synthesis features the amide condensation of glycine-d-cysteine-containingExpand
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Liberation of actin from actomyosin in meats heated to 65°C.
This study investigated whether actin liberation from myofibrils occurs during the heating of various muscles, as well as squid mantle muscle at temperatures, such as 60°C, employed for vacuumExpand
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