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This paper considers an efficient approximate algorithm for solving k-minimum spanning tree problems which is one of the combinatorial optimization in networks. A new hybrid algorithm based on tabu search and ant colony optimization is provided. Results of numerical experiments show that the proposed method updates some of the best known values with very(More)
—This paper considers k-minimum spanning tree problems. An existing solution algorithm based on tabu search, which was proposed by Katagiri et al., includes an iterative solving procedure of minimum spanning tree (MST) problems for subgraphs to obtain a local optimal solution of k-minimum spanning tree problems. This article provides a new tabu-search-based(More)
Recent advances in echocardiography have allowed the anatomical structure of the fetal heart to be successfully and safely seen in details. It has since enabled not only the prenatal diagnosis of congenital heart disease but the diagnosis and treatment of fetal arrhythmias. New advances of Doppler echocardiography have provided exciting informations on the(More)
Plasma glucose and plasma immunoreactive insulin (IRI) levels were measured during the 75 g glucose tolerance test (GTT) in healthy pregnant women, to clarify the changes of glucose metabolism during the last trimester of pregnancy. The glucose tolerance decreased with gestational time. After 33 weeks of gestation, the peak levels of the post-glucose(More)
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