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Group VIII metal phosphine complexes-catalyzed addition of disilanes to allenic compounds: Formation of new organosilicon compounds containing both vinylsilane and allylsilane units
Abstract Addition of chloromethyl- and methoxymethyldisilanes, X3-mMemSiSiMen-X3-n (X - Cl and OMe;m, n - 0-2), as well as hexamethyldisilane, to allene and 1, 2-butadiene in the presence ofExpand
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Formation of cyclic organosilicon compounds via organopolysilyl anions starting from methoxymethyldisilanes. A mechanistic study
Abstract In the presence of a catalytic amount of sodium methoxide, sym -dimethoxytetramethyldisilane was converted into α,ω-dimethoxypermethylpolysilanes, MeO(SiMe 2 ) n OMe where n ⩾ 3, at roomExpand
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H-Infinity Robust Servo Positioning Control of Flexible Structures.
This paper presents a method of H-infinity robust servo control for the positioning problem of flexible structures. In order to improve the efficiency and the robustness of vibration reduction, inExpand
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Optimal control of elastic structure systems taking account of spillover. (Application to a position control of elastic rotating arm).
A digital controller for an elastic structure system suffers from spillover of residual modes. In this study, this problem is formulated as a control structure constraint for the elastic system. AExpand
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Formation of a new silicon-containing ring system; preparation of 1,1,2,2,3,3-hexamethyl-1,2,3-trisilacyclopentanes
Reaction of 1,2-dimethoxytetrametnyldisilane with stilbene (cis and trans) and with α-methylstyrene in the presence of NaOMe catalyst afforded derivatives of the new 1,2,3-trisilacyclopentane ringExpand
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Reactions of 1,2-dimethoxytetramethyldisilane with styrenes: Formation of a new type of silacyclopentanes having phenyl substituents on ring carbons
Abstract The reaction of 1,2-dimethoxytetramethyldisilane with styrene and α-methylstyrene in the presence of NaOMe catalyst in tetrahydrofuran (THF) gave the new silacyclopentanesExpand
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The tunnel construction by the shield method shows the smaller values of ground settlement than other tunneling methods. In urban tunnels, however, the displacement of the surrounding ground isExpand