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In Vitis labruscana ‘Pione’ and ‘Kyoho’, 57 grapevines with rugose wood (RW) symptoms and 31 asymptomatic grapevines were obtained from vineyards in Hiroshima and Okayama prefectures. We surveyed vines for RW-associated viruses and other viruses by reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction with virus-specific primers and degenerate primers for(More)
The proton pump inhibitor NC-1300 has antisecretory and cytoprotective activities in rats. The compound is labile at an acidic pH and degrades into various products. We attempted to identify these products after treatment at different pHs in vitro using HPLC. We also examined whether (A) NC-1300 treated at acidic pHs loses its efficacy on gastric secretion(More)
Fibrolamellar hepatocellular carcinoma (FLHCC) is an entity distinct from ordinary hepatocellular carcinoma and is very rare in Oriental countries. We present here a Japanese case of FLHCC in a 25 year old woman, and review Japanese cases of FLHCC. The patient had mild abdominal pain when the hepatic tumour was revealed by ultrasonography. Hepatitis B(More)
In rats' taste aversion learning, presentation of another taste with a target taste alleviates aversion for the target taste (overshadowing), and exposure of a target taste prior to its conditioning alleviates aversion for that taste (latent inhibition). The present study demonstrated summation of these effects, resulting in the least aversion in the rats(More)
We present a case of primary biliary cirrhosis associated with simultaneous triple cancers: a hepatocellular carcinoma and adenocarcinomas of the common bile duct and gall-bladder. A 70 year old Japanese woman, who had been diagnosed with primary biliary cirrhosis (stage 2 by Scheuer) 15 years before, was admitted to Koseiren Kamo Hospital in a comatose(More)
We aimed to improve the purification of citrus Huanglongbing (greening) bacterium (HB), Candidatus Liberobacter asiaticum and to produce an antiserum against HB. Periwinkle plants Catharantus roseum L. graft-inoculated with HB were used to produce an antiserum. All young leaves of new shoots incubated at 20–25°C and 25–30°C, a few mature leaves incubated at(More)
We present a case of primary malignant lymphoma of the liver of B cell origin with cirrhosis induced by hepatitis C viral infection. A 75-year-old Japanese woman with chronic liver dysfunction was admitted for hepatic tumors. The tumors were hypoechoic on ultrasonography and hypodense on computed tomography. Antibody to hepatitis C virus was positive.(More)
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