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Education has undergone major changes in recent years, with the development of digital information transfer, storage and communication methods having a significant effect. This development has allowed for access to global communications and the number of resources available to today's students at all levels of schooling. After the initial impact of(More)
Human-Robot Interaction (HRI), based on already well-researched Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), has been under vigorous scrutiny since recent developments in robot technology. Robots may be more successful in establishing common ground in project-based education or foreign language learning for children than in traditional media. Backed by its strong IT(More)
A research project about the use of Web-based Instruction in education was conducted at Griffith University in 1998. This educational program integrated interactive multimedia with teaching and learning theories in the form of theory-based learning strategies 1. This paper reports on the results in relation to the age and gender of the participants.
Saccharin, the first artificial sweetener, was discovered in 1879 that do not have any calories and is approximately 200~700 times sweeter than sugar. Saccharin was the most common domestically produced sweetener in Korea in 2010, and it has been used as an alternative to sugar in many products. The interaction between artificial sweeteners and drugs may(More)
OBJECTIVES Banha-sasim-tang (BST), which consists of seven different herbs, is one of the most popular herbal formulae for treating gastrointestinal disorders in Eastern Asia. The commonly used herbal medicine is often co-administered with other therapeutic drugs, which raises the possibility of herb-drug interactions and may modify the clinical safety(More)
Genetic algorithm is an evolutionary approach for solving space layout and optimization problems. Due to some drawbacks in genetic algorithm, several modifications are performed on this algorithm. When the advantages of GA are combined with advantages of another algorithm then this approach is called Hybrid Genetic Algorithm. One of the most difficult(More)