Jun Huy Lam

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Wireless mesh networks (WMNs) can act as a scalable backbone by connecting separate sensor networks and even by connecting WMNs to a wired network. The Hybrid Wireless Mesh Protocol (HWMP) is the default routing protocol for the 802.11s WMN. The routing protocol is one of the most important parts of the network, and it requires protection, especially in the(More)
There are many commercial wireless mesh networks(WMN) products available in the market but incompatibility issues exist as the method to achieve WMN for each vendor is different and proprietary. This has led to the research of the embedded solution that implements the WMN in accordance with the 802.11s draft standard. In this implementation, it allows the(More)
Many commercial wireless mesh network (WMN) products are available in the marketplace with their own proprietary standards, but interoperability among the different vendors is not possible. Open source communities have their own WMN implementation in accordance with the IEEE 802.11s draft standard, Linux open80211s project and FreeBSD WMN implementation.(More)
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