Jun Huai Li

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In recent years, it has become common practice in neuroscience to use networks to summarize relational information in a set of measurements , typically assumed to be reflective of either functional or structural relationships between regions of interest in the brain. One of the most basic tasks of interest in the analysis of such data is the testing of(More)
Spatiotemporal data, especially remote sensing data, are widely used in ecological, geographical, agriculture, and military research and applications. With the development of remote sensing technology, more and more remote sensing data are accumulated and stored in the cloud. An effective way for cloud users to access and analyse these massive(More)
BACKGROUND In the last decade, population pharmacokinetic (PopPK) modeling has spread its influence in the whole process of drug research and development. While targeting the construction of the dose-concentration of a drug based on a population of patients, it shows great flexibility in dealing with sparse samplings and unbalanced designs. The resampling(More)
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