Jun-Hong Chou

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The SDH activity of the hair cells of sh-1 mice was topographically examined during several days after birth, using the surface preparation method. The activity of this enzyme in sh-1 mice decreased as the animals got older, the outer hair cells being most affected. The level of enzyme activity was different in the three different turns of Corti's organ,(More)
The assembly of molecular building blocks with metal ions generating microporous network solids has been the focus of intense activity. Because of their potential applications associated with channels and cavities, such materials have been examined for size- and shape-selective catalysis, separations, sensors, molecular recognition and nanoscale reactors.(More)
Changes of the cochlear microphonic potentials were studied after replacing the perilymph by various media of different electrolyte composition, containing metabolic inhibitors and with or without energy rich phosphate compound. It was found that the ionic composition of the perilymph was not the only factor affecting the cochlear microphonic potential.(More)
The properties of the carbon sulfide C 6 S 8 (1) as well as its dioxo analogue C 6 S 6 O 2 (2) have been studied in the fully oxidized and fully reduced forms, i.e., 1 0 , 1, 2-2 0 , 2 2-. A crystallographic study shows that compound 2 is a tricyclic species with a twisted 1,2-dithiin (unsaturated C 4 S 2 ring) core. Reduction of 1 with 2 equiv of LiBHEt 3(More)
enthalten hier nur wenig Stroma, im Gegensatz zu den Randpargen der Geschwuls~, wo ein feinmaschiges Nctzwerk yon Epithelzellen das angrenzende Bindegewebe infiltriert. Bezfiglich der l=iis~ogenese lgBt die papill~re, gelegentlich cystischo Strukbur des Tumors daran denken, da~ wir ein C~rcinom der Anhangsdrfisen des GehSrgangs, also der Ceruminalbzw.(More)
An account is given of a model of the external auditory meatus tumour of the rat which was induced by 4-dimethylaminostilben. Histological, cytogenetical, cytophotometrical and microrespiratory methods have been used to determine the malignity of this kind of tumour. They were well differentiated groups of cells partially cornified squamous epithelial(More)
Complexes of the type ZnS 6 (TMEDA), ZnS 4 (PMDETA), and ZnS 4 (Me 3 TACN) react with electrophilic alkenes to give dithiolene complexes ZnS 2 C 2 R 2 (amine) n. The Me 3 TACN complex is the most reactive, while the more conveniently prepared PMDETA complex also undergoes this reaction at useful rates. The following alkenes were successfully tested: C 2 H 2(More)
Crista fiberwiegen die Schgden an den Typ-I-Zellen im Vergleich zu den Zellen vom Typ II . I m ganzen betrachtet, weisen jedoch die TypI I Zellen im Zentrum sts Schgdigungen auf als die Typ-I-Zellen in der Peripherie. Auch bei stgrksten Sch/~digungen der Sinneszellen stellten sich bei dieser Versuehsanordnung die Stfitzzellen regelrecht und unauff~llig dar.(More)
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