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It has recently been shown that only a small number of samples from a low-rank matrix are necessary to reconstruct the entire matrix. We bring this to bear on computer vision problems that utilize low-dimensional subspaces, demonstrating that subsampling can improve computation speed while still allowing for accurate subspace learning. We present GRASTA,(More)
This paper presents GRASTA (Grassmannian Robust Adaptive Subspace Tracking Algorithm), an efficient and robust online algorithm for tracking subspaces from highly incomplete information. The algorithm uses a robust l-norm cost function in order to estimate and track non-stationary subspaces when the streaming data vectors are corrupted with outliers. We(More)
Smad proteins are critical intracellular mediators of the transforming growth factor-beta, bone morphogenic proteins (BMPs), and activin signaling. Upon ligand binding, the receptor-associated R-Smads are phosphorylated by the active type I receptor serine/threonine kinases. The phosphorylated R-Smads then form heteromeric complexes with Smad4, translocate(More)
Robust high-dimensional data processing has witnessed an exciting development in recent years. Theoretical results have shown that it is possible using convex programming to optimize data fit to a low-rank component plus a sparse outlier component. This problem is also known as Robust PCA, and it has found application in many areas of computer vision. In(More)
The regulation of cell growth and differentiation by transforming growth factor-beta (TGF-beta) is mediated by the Smad proteins. In the nucleus, the Smad proteins are negatively regulated by two closely related nuclear proto-oncoproteins, Ski and SnoN. When overexpressed, Ski and SnoN induce oncogenic transformation of chicken embryo fibroblasts. However,(More)
We report a systematic investigation of both three-photon absorption (3PA) spectra and wavelength dispersions of Kerr-type nonlinear refraction in wide-gap semiconductors. The Z-scan measurements are recorded for both ZnO and ZnS with femtosecond laser pulses. While the wavelength dispersions of the Kerr nonlinearity are in agreement with a two-band model,(More)
Perovskite transition-metal oxides are networks of corner-sharing octahedra whose tilts and distortions are known to affect their electronic and magnetic properties. We report calculations on a model interfacial structure which avoids chemical influences and show that the symmetry mismatch imposes an interfacial layer with distortion modes that do not exist(More)
Fenvalerate, a synthetic pyrethroid, is widely used in agriculture and other domestic applications in China. Recently, Fenvalerate has been suspected to be one of the endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDC). In this study, we investigated the effects of fenvalerate on follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH)-stimulated progesterone (P4) production by human ovarian(More)
Examination of the urine and the bladder epithelium are essential to the investigation of mechanisms of urinary bladder carcinogens in rodents. However, urine and bladder tissue specimens must be collected and processed properly if accurate data are to be derived. The optimum specimen for analysis of urinary constituents is fresh void urine collected from(More)
The name ambiguity problem presents many challenges for scholar finding, citation analysis and other related research fields. To attack this issue, various disambiguation methods combined with separate disambiguation features have been put forward. In this paper, we offer an unsupervised Dempster–Shafer theory (DST) based hierarchical agglomerative(More)