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Community and trophic structures of abalone Haliotis diversicolor habitat in Sagami Bay, Japan
The community and trophic structures of the subtidal habitat of the abalone Haliotis diversicolor were examined in Nagai, Sagami Bay, Japan. Conventional community indices showed no significantExpand
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Importance of Epiphytic Diatoms and Fronds of Two Species of Red Algae as Diets for Juvenile Japanese Turban Snail Turbo cornutus
ABSTRACT Survival and growth rates of juvenile turban snail (Turbo cornutus) reared on 2 red algae, an articulated coralline alga (ACA) Marginisporum crassissima and a gelidiccan alga (Agar) GelidiumExpand
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Effects of macroalgal expansion triggered by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami on recruitment density of juvenile abalone Haliotis discus hannai at Oshika Peninsula, northeastern Japan
The effects of the 2011 mega-earthquake and massive tsunami on the recruitment process of juvenile abalone Haliotis discus hannai inhabiting the rocky shore ecosystem were investigated at OshikaExpand
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Habitat selection of Japanese top shell (Turbo cornutus) on articulated coralline algae; combination of preferences in settlement and post-settlement stage
Laboratory experiments were conducted to examine the habitat preferences of top shell, Turbo cornutus, in settlement and post-settlement stages. Competent larvae were strongly induced to settle byExpand
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Settlement of larval top shell Turbo (Batillus) cornutus in response to several marine algae
The settlement of larval top shell Turbo (Batillus) cornutus in response to seven macroalgal and three benthic diatom species was examined in the laboratory. The percentages of larval settlementExpand
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Underwater observations of the giant spoon worm Ikeda taenioides (Annelida: Echiura: Ikedidae) in a subtidal soft-bottom environment in northeastern Japan, which survived tsunamis of the 2011 off the
Tsunamis associated with the 2011 off the Pacific Coast of Tohoku Earthquake seriously disrupted the shallow marine ecosystem along a 2000 km stretch of the Pacific coast of Japan. The effects of theExpand
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Shelter effects of coralline algal turfs: protection for Turbo cornutus juveniles from predation by a predatory gastropod and wrasse
Laboratory experiments were conducted to examine the shelter effects of turfs of articulated coralline algae (ACA) for the Japanese spiny turban snail Turbo cornutus. The muricid gastropod ErgalataxExpand
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Ontogenetic habitat and dietary shifts in Japanese turban snail Turbo cornutus at Nagai, Sagami Bay, Japan
A field survey and a laboratory experiment were conducted to examine ontogenetic shifts in habitat and diet of the turban snail Turbo cornutus. The main habitat of turban snail juveniles smaller thanExpand
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Phylogenetically diverse macrophyte community promotes species diversity of mobile epi-benthic invertebrates
Abstract Various aspects of plant diversity such as species diversity and phylogenetic diversity enhance the species diversity of associated animals in terrestrial systems. In marine systems,Expand
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The Settlement Cues of an Articulated Coralline Alga Marginisporum crassissima for the Japanese Top Shell Turbo cornutus
ABSTRACT Laboratory experiments were conducted to identify settlement cues of larval top shell Turbo cornutus on the articulated coralline alga Marginisporum crassissima. Fragments of M.Expand
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