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To the editor: The emergence of computational biology continues to yield the advancement of diverse algorithmic methodology. Each new advance has typically used unique sources of biological information or applied faster, more accurate heuristics. But identifying the right bioinformatics program for any particular experiment continues to be burdensome as(More)
The improvement of electrochemical detection of meloxicam is presented by modification of a glassy carbon electrode with anionic layer of cysteic acid providing electrostatic accumulation of the analyte onto the electrode surface. The modification formed by electrochemical oxidation of L-cysteine was performed by cycling potential in cysteine solution. The(More)
The code comparison technology plays an important role in the fields of software security protection and plagiarism detection. Nowadays, there are mainly FIVE approaches of plagiarism detection, file-attribute-based, text-based, token-based, syntax-based and semantic-based. The prior three approaches have their own limitations, while the technique based on(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the new hydrolysate of aconitine using HPLC-MS(n) and quantum chemistry calculation. METHOD The HPLC method was applied in gradient elution program and the mass spectrometry was in positive ion mode. Geometries of the possible hydrolysates were optimized at DFT/6-31G(d) level. RESULT The new hydrolysate was found and its protonated(More)
This paper analyzed the spreading effect of industrial sectors with complex network model under perspective of econophysics. Input-output analysis, as an important research tool, focuses more on static analysis. However, the fundamental aim of industry analysis is to figure out how interaction between different industries makes impacts on economic(More)
Mineral Chinese medicine is the distinctive part of the Chinese traditional medicine. The mineral Chinese medicines containing mercury elements such as cinnabaris, calomelas and hydrargyri oxydum rubrum are widely applied in the clinical conditions because of their efficacy of sedative, sterilization, removing necrotic tissue and promoting granulation.(More)
To study the antirheumatic substance of Loranthus parasiticus and observe the relationship between its in vivo distribution and meridian tropism in rats by establishing adjuvant arthritis models corresponding to effectiveness. All rats except the negative control group were injected with 0.1 mL Freund's complete adjuvant on the left foot. After 8 days, the(More)
The ground triplet state and lowest singlet state of formylmethylene have been proposed as important intermediates in the Wolff rearrangement of α-diazo ketones into ketenes. The ground triplet state of formylmethylene has been examined experimentally, but the lowest singlet state has yet to be observed. We predict equilibrium geometries, energies, bonding,(More)