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BACKGROUND Asthma imposes a heavy and expensive burden on individuals and populations. A population-based surveillance and research program based on health administrative data could measure and study the burden of asthma; however, the validity of a health administrative data diagnosis of asthma must first be confirmed. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the accuracy(More)
We describe here the expression of deletion mutants of the cytoplasmic domain of the avian integrin beta 1 subunit. These mutants, which contain termination codons at positions 767, 776, 791, and 800, were transfected into mouse 3T3 cells to determine which sequences were essential for localization of integrins into focal contact sites. In all cases,(More)
We describe the expression of the beta 1 subunit of avian integrin in rodent cells with the purpose of examining the structure-function relationships of various domains within this subunit. The exogenous subunit is efficiently and stably expressed in 3T3 cells, and it forms hybrid heterodimers with endogenous murine alpha subunits, including alpha 3 and(More)
BACKGROUND Clusterin (also called apolipoprotein J) has a potential central role in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease (AD). Recently, two genome-wide association studies have identified three variants in CLU gene encoding clusterin associated with AD risk in Caucasians, while there are no studies on the association of CLU with AD risk in Asians. (More)
OBJECTIVE To compare resuscitation outcomes and myocardial function among intra-arrest head cooling, delayed surface cooling, and uncooled controls. DESIGN Prospective animal study. SETTING University-affiliated animal research laboratory. SUBJECTS Twenty-four male domestic pigs. INTERVENTIONS Ventricular fibrillation remained untreated for 10 mins(More)
We describe the construction in retroviral vectors and the expression of recombinant rat fibronectin (FN) cDNAs corresponding with the various alternatively spliced forms of FN. In NIH 3T3 cells, the exogenous rat FN subunits are efficiently secreted as heterodimers with endogenous mouse subunits. In contrast, in lymphoid WEHI231 cells, there is no(More)
We have previously described the construction and expression of a hybrid gene encoding a membrane-anchored form of rat growth hormone. This protein is anchored in cellular membranes by a carboxy-terminal extension composed of the transmembrane and cytoplasmic domains of the vesicular stomatitis virus glycoprotein. The protein is transported efficiently to(More)
BACKGROUND We determined the rate of incarceration of inguinal hernia among infants and young children waiting for elective surgery and examined the relation to wait times. We also explored the relation between wait times and the use of emergency department services before surgery. METHODS We used linked data from administrative databases to identify(More)
RATIONALE Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), a common manageable condition, is a leading cause of death. A better understanding of its impact on health-care systems would inform strategies to reduce its burden. OBJECTIVES To quantify health services use in a large, North American COPD population. METHODS We conducted a cohort study using(More)
BACKGROUND Unlike most chronic diseases, which tend to progress over time, asthma is known to persist, possibly resolve, and/or present with any combination of remissions and relapses. As a result, its course has been difficult to characterize and its prognosis difficult to predict. OBJECTIVE To quantify the proportion of individuals with asthma who have(More)