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In this paper, we study the design and analysis of optimal detection scheme for sensors that are deployed to monitor the change in the environment and are powered by energy harvested from the environment. In this type of applications, detection delay is of paramount importance. We model this problem as quickest change detection problem with stochastic(More)
The problem of sequentially finding an independent and identically distributed (i.i.d.) sequence that is drawn from a probability distribution F<sub>1</sub> by searching over multiple sequences, some of which are drawn from F<sub>1</sub> and the others of which are drawn from a different distribution F<sub>0</sub>, is considered. The sensor is allowed to(More)
Regular BiPO4 nanorods, for the first time, and BiOCl lamellae have been successfully synthesized via a facile sonochemical method in a surfactant/ligand-free system under ambient air. The as-prepared products are characterized by XRD, TEM, SAED, FE-SEM, HRTEM, and Raman spectroscopy. The effects of pH and ultrasound irradiation on the phase and morphology(More)
The present work is initiated to investigate whether a defined culture comprising a mixture of three yeast species, Kluyveromyces marxianus, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, and Pichia stipitis can ferment a mixture of sugars to produce bioethanol at rates higher than those achieved by pure cultures of the same. For this purpose, we develop models of single(More)
Quantum dots (QDs) are generally used for the conventional fluorescence detection. However, it is difficult for the QDs to be applied in time-resolved fluorometry due to their short-lived emission. In this paper, high-quality Mn-doped ZnSe QDs with long-lived emission were prepared using a green and rapid microwave-assisted synthetic approach in aqueous(More)
2-Hydroxypropyl-beta-cyclodextrin was used as a template to fabricate hollow spherical copper sulfide nanoparticle assemblies in the presence of sonication. The as-prepared spheres were uniform in shape and have well-defined shells composed of one-layered CuS nanoparticles. The interaction between the Cu ions and HP-beta-CD was confirmed by the FTIR. The(More)
In this paper, Bayesian quickest change detection problems with sampling right constraints are considered. In particular, there is a sequence of random variables whose probability density function will change at an unknown time. The goal is to detect this change in a way such that a linear combination of the average detection delay and the false alarm(More)
The transmission of delay sensitive smart grid system state measurements over wireless channels is considered. In the system under consideration, remote sensors obtain noisy state measurements and send these measurements over wireless channels to the control center. Our goal is to design transmission schemes that minimize a weighted sum of the square errors(More)
We consider linear regression problems for which the underlying model undergoes multiple changes. Our goal is to estimate the number and locations of change-points that segment available data into different regions, and further produce sparse and interpretable models for each region. To address challenges of the existing approaches and to produce(More)
In this paper, quickest detection problem with sample right constraints is considered. Specifically, there is a sequence of samples whose probability density function will change at an unknown time. The goal is to detect such a change in a way that a linear combination of the detection delay and false alarm probability is minimized. However, one can take at(More)