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In recent years, Distributed Hash Tables (DHTs) have been proposed as a fundamental building block for large scale distributed applications. Important functionalities such as searching have been added to the DHT's basic lookup capability. However, supporting range queries efficiently remains a difficult problem. In this paper, we describe an adaptive(More)
With the wide applications of large scale graph data such as social networks, the problem of finding the top-<i>k</i> shortest paths attracts increasing attention. This paper focuses on the discovery of the top-<i>k</i> simple shortest paths (paths without loops). The well known algorithm for this problem is due to Yen, and the provided worstcase bound(More)
With the rapid growth of large graphs, we cannot assume that graphs can still be fully loaded into memory, thus the disk-based graph operation is inevitable. In this paper, we take the shortest path discovery as an example to investigate the technique issues when leveraging existing infrastructure of relational database (RDB) in the graph data management.(More)
In this paper, we propose and implement Virtual Network Service VNS, a value-added network service for deploying virtual private networks VPN in a managed wide area IP network. The key feature of VNS is its capability of providing a customer with a VPN that is customizable with management capabilities and performance properties comparable to a dedicated(More)
A large portion of data exchanged in today's Peer-to-Peer (P2P) networks consists of music stored as MP3 compressed audio. Existing P2P systems typically are not scalable and only support primitive methods for the searching of music files, e.g., by looking up exact filenames or using simple metadata information such as artist or album name. In this paper,(More)