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SUMMARY We propose a motion estimation algorithm using less gray level images, which are composed of bits pixels lower than 8 bits pixels. Threshold values for generating low bits pix-els from 8 bits pixels are simply determined as median values of pixels in a macro block. The proposed algorithm reduces the computational complexity of motion estimation at(More)
Nitrogen fixation and drought tolerance confer the ability to grow on dry land, and some terrestrial cyanobacteria exhibit these properties. These cyanobacteria were isolated in an axenic form from Nostoc commune clusters and other sources by modifying the method used to isolate the nitrogen-fixing and drought-tolerant cyanobacterium Nostoc sp. HK-01. Of(More)
The 6-O-mesyl derivative of phenyl 1-thio-beta-D-glucopyranoside was prepared from D-glucose as a synthetic equivalent of a 6-deoxy-hexosyl donor. Racemic methyl 11-hydroxytetradecanoate (methyl convolvulinolate) was synthesized by Grignard reaction of propylmagnesium bromide with 10-undecenal followed by hydroboration. Both intermediates were coupled by(More)
  • Jun Furukawa
  • 2014
Research into environmental dynamics of radioactive nuclides released by the Fukushima nuclear accident, especially radiocesium (137)Cs (half-life, 30.1 years), is highly focused especially on diffusion processes of radiocesium into ecosystems, which is high-priority knowledge. Because of relatively sparse knowledge about the reallocation of radiocesium(More)
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