Jun-Fang Zhou

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Tube and Pelle are essential components in Drosophila Toll signaling pathway. In this study, we characterized a pair of crustacean homologs of Tube and Pelle in Scylla paramamosain, namely, SpTube and SpPelle, and analyzed their immune functions. The full-length cDNA of SpTube had 2052 bp with a 1578 bp open reading frame (ORF) encoding a protein with 525(More)
Berberine has long been considered as an antibiotic candidate in aquaculture. However, studies regarding its effects on drug-metabolizing enzymes in fish are still limited. In the present study, the effects of berberine on cytochrome P4501A (CYP1A) and CYP3A in crucian carp were investigated. Injection of different concentrations of berberine (0, 5, 25, 50,(More)
Anti-lipopolysaccharide factors (ALFs) are antimicrobial peptides with binding and neutralizing activities to lipopolysaccharide (LPS) in crustaceans. This study identified and characterized a novel ALF homolog (SpALF4) from the mud crab Scylla paramamosain. The complete cDNA of SpALF4 had 756 bp with a 381 bp open reading frame encoding a protein with 126(More)
Peroxinectin (PX) with cell adhesion and peroxidase activities is important in invertebrate immune responses. We identified a novel PX homolog from Scylla paramamosain (designated as Sp-PX) through transcriptome sequencing. The full-length of cDNA sequence was 3,165 bp. And there was a peroxidase domain in the deduced protein sequence. A cell-adhesive(More)
Lysozymes are widely distributed immune effectors exerting muramidase activity against the peptidoglycan of the bacterial cell wall to trigger cell lysis. However, some invertebrate-type (i-type) lysozymes deficient of muramidase activity still exhibit antimicrobial activity. To date, the mechanism underlying the antimicrobial effect of muramidase-deficient(More)
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