Jun-Da Huang

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This study assessed the possibility of rehabilitating two young adults with motor impairments using a Kinect-based system in a public school setting. This study was carried out according to an ABAB sequence in which A represented the baseline and B represented intervention phases. Data showed that the two participants significantly increased their(More)
This study used Microsoft's Kinect motion sensor to develop an intelligent rehabilitation system. Through discussion with physical therapists at the Kaohsiung County Special Education School, researchers understood that students with physical disabilities typically lack enthusiasm for rehabilitation, hindering their recovery of limb function and ability to(More)
This article presents the near-optimal path-planning algorithm for piano mover's problem of robot motion among obstacles on raster. Beginning with a top view of a workspace arrangement among obstacles, the so-called free workspace is first obtained by virtually expanding the obstacles. The proposed method adopts virtual obstacle domain and collision(More)
The mol-ecule of the title compound, C(17)H(10)F(4)O, is roughly planar, with a dihedral angle of 5.59 (14)° between the two phenyl rings. The mol-ecule has an E conformation with respect to the olefinic bonds. In the crystal, mol-ecules are connected through C-H⋯O hydrogen bonds and there is slipped π-π stacking [centroid-centroid distance = 3.7983 (18),(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the pathological and clinical features of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). METHODS Grades and stages of liver lesions in 41 patients with NAFLD were analyzed. The relationships between pathohistological features of the livers, serum biochemical parameters, ultrasound examination and other clinical data of the patients were(More)
Since time immemorial, systematics has played significant role in every sphere of life. Biosystematics has evolved from folk taxonomy towards natural classification system and then culminated into homology based classification system. A good systematic approach is practical and predictive of phylogenetics of taxa incorporating different data. The(More)
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