Jun Choi

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Primary follicles retrieved from B6CBAF1 prepubertal mice were cultured in a stepwise manner in an alpha-minimum essential medium-based medium to generate viable embryos and embryonic stem cell (ESC)-like cells. A significant increase in follicle growth and oocyte maturation accompanied by increased secretion of 17beta-estradiol and progesterone was(More)
Stability and high energy densities are essential qualities for emerging battery electrodes. Because of its high specific capacity, silicon has been considered a promising anode candidate. However, the several-fold volume changes during lithiation and delithiation leads to fractures and continuous formation of an unstable solid-electrolyte interphase (SEI)(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether the preantral follicles in adult ovaries can generate developmentally competent oocytes after in vitro culture. DESIGN Prospective, animal-model study. SETTING Gamete and Stem Cell Biotechnology Laboratory, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea. ANIMAL(S) B6CBAF1 mice. INTERVENTION(S) Preantral follicles collected(More)
To study the genomic plasticity of somatic cells without ectopic genetic manipulation, we cultured mouse fibroblasts with ovarian cells, embryonic fibroblasts of different strains, and parthenogenetic embryonic stem cells (ESCs). Of 41 trials, cell aggregation resembling nascent ESC colony from inner cell mass was detected in 9 cases (22%), and 6 cases(More)
Graphene/carbon nanotube (CNT) hybrid structures are fabricated for use as optical arrays. Vertically aligned CNTs are directly synthesized on a graphene/quartz substrate using plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD). Graphene preserves the transparency and resistance during CNT growth. Highly aligned single-walled CNTs show a better performance(More)
With the advances in the separation and purification of carbon nanotubes (CNTs), the use of highly pure metallic or semiconducting CNTs has practical merit in electronics applications. When highly pure CNTs are applied in various fields, CNT networks are preferred to individual CNTs. In such cases, the presence of an electrical path becomes crucial in the(More)
SUMMARY One of Kaliski and Robshaw's algorithms, which is used for the linear attack on block ciphers with multiple linear approximations and introduced as Algorithm 2M in this paper, looks efficient but lacks any theoretical and mathematical description. It means there exists no way to estimate the data complexity required for the attack by the algorithm(More)
Most industrial designers work with a pencil and some plane papers. In spite of the paper-based plane modeling data by these designers, the majority of the industrial modeling data for manufacturing are based on the spatial concept. While converting the designer's 2D drawing data to the digital form of 3D industrial modeling, designer's intention is often(More)