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The purposes of this study were to determine the effect of structural change on the intestinal disposition of isoflavones and to elucidate the mechanisms responsible for transport of phase II isoflavone conjugates. Transport and metabolism of six isoflavones (i.e., genistein, daidzein, glycitein, formononetin, biochanin A, and prunetin) were studied in the(More)
Success of modern agriculture relies heavily on breeding of crops with maximal regional adaptability and yield potentials. A major limiting factor for crop cultivation is their flowering time, which is strongly regulated by day length (photoperiod) and temperature. Here we report identification and characterization of Days to heading 7 (DTH7), a major(More)
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Development of chronic pain involves alterations in peripheral nociceptors as well as elevated neuronal activity in multiple regions of the CNS. Previous pharmacological and behavioral studies suggest that peripheral acid-sensing ion channels (ASICs) contribute to pain sensation, and the expression of ASIC subunits is elevated in the rat spinal dorsal horn(More)
Strigolactones (SLs), a newly discovered class of carotenoid-derived phytohormones, are essential for developmental processes that shape plant architecture and interactions with parasitic weeds and symbiotic arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi. Despite the rapid progress in elucidating the SL biosynthetic pathway, the perception and signalling mechanisms of SL(More)
OBJECTIVE To observe the effect of electroacupuncture therapy on oocyte quality and pregnancy outcome of patients with poor ovarian response or decreased reserve in the course of in vitro fertilization (IVF). METHODS Sixty cases accepting IVF-ET were randomly divided into an observation group and a control group, 30 cases in each group. The two groups(More)
Tetrodotoxin-resistant (TTX-R) sodium channels Na(V)1.8 and Na(V)1.9 in sensory neurons were known as key pain modulators. Comparing with the widely reported Na(V)1.8, roles of Na(V)1.9 on inflammatory pain are poorly studied by antisense-induced specific gene knockdown. Here, we used molecular, electrophysiological and behavioral methods to examine the(More)
Conventional methods for investigating soil Hg contamination based on raster sampling and chemical analysis are time-consuming and relatively expensive. The objective of this study was to develop a rapid method for investigating Hg concentration in suburban agricultural soils of the Nanjing region using reflectance spectra within the visible-near-infrared(More)
The purpose of this study was to determine the importance of intestinal disposition in the first-pass metabolism of flavonoids. A four-site perfused rat intestinal model, rat liver and intestinal microsomes, Caco-2 cell microsomes, and the Caco-2 cell culture model were used. In the four-site model, approximately 28% of perfused aglycones are absorbed(More)
The pathophysiological mechanisms underlying sciatica and back pain are not well understood. In the present study, a sciatica model was developed to investigate the contributions of inflammation and compression of the dorsal root (DR). The procedure used autologous disc to apply direct pressure to the L5 DR (disc compression, DC group). For control, five(More)