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—This paper proposes a novel key frame extraction method by using color spatial distribution histograms for surveillance video representation and summarization. Pixels in the same color are contiguous or non-contiguous to each other in an image, which is a palpable spatial characteristic. With this attribute, the pixels are classified as contiguous and(More)
This paper presents a novel method for segmentation of white blood cells (WBCs) in peripheral blood and bone marrow images under different lights through mean shift clustering, color space conversion and nucleus mark watershed operation (NMWO). The proposed method focuses on obtaining seed points. First, color space transformation and image enhancement(More)
White blood cell (WBC) segmentation, which is important for cytometry, is a challenging issue because of the morphological diversity of WBCs and the complex and uncertain background of blood smear images. This paper proposes a novel method for the nucleus and cytoplasm segmentation of WBCs for cytometry. A color adjustment step was also introduced before(More)
In this paper, we design a wavelength-division-multiplexed radio-over-fiber passive optical network (WDMRoF- PON) based on polarization multiplexing (PM) and carrier-suppressed return-to-zero quadrature differential-phase- shift keying (CSRZ-QDPSK) that can achieve wire-line and wireless access synchronously. Using PM and QDPSK modulation, the system(More)
We have developed an electromagnetic cavity resonator based RF sensor for online determination of granular dielectric materials weight. This sensor is non-instrusive and detects the density of the granular materials using resonant peaks captured instantaneously. A laboratory prototype of the RF sensor has been constructed. The properties of the RF cavity(More)
Aiming at the existing shortage of the flow transimission of the Power Distribution Communication Network, packet transport network (PTN) is proposed and a PTN-based QoS scheme including differentiated services (DiffServ) and traffic engineering (TE) is introduced. QoS mechanisms are assigned for different traffic flows according to various requirements of(More)
A right-angle prism was used to enhance the acoustic signal of a quartz-enhanced photoacoustic spectroscopy (QEPAS) system. The incident laser beam was parallelly inverted by the right-angle prism and passed through the gap between two tuning fork prongs again to produce another acoustic excitation. Correspondingly, two pairs of rigid metal tubes were used(More)
The division process used in a DFB diode laser-based optical gas sensor was studied to improve the immunity to laser power variation. Residual amplitude modulation (RAM) in wavelength modulation spectroscopy (WMS) detection was eliminated by intensity normalization using a division process. As a result the detected harmonic signals showed a significant(More)
Torreya grandis Fort. ex Lindl, a conifer species widely distributed in Southeastern China, is of high economic value by producing edible, nutrient seeds. However, knowledge about the genome structure and organization of this species is poorly understood, thereby limiting the effective use of its gene resources. Here, we report on a first genetic linkage(More)
Along with the advancing times and the technological development, WLAN technology has been widely applied in our daily work. Apart from the convenience it has brought, it has also triggered several problems. Aimed at WPA encryption method widely used in wireless network, and under the GPU-based highspeed cracking WPA method verified previously, this paper(More)