Jun Chang

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Electroporation is widely used to achieve gene transfection. A common problem in electroporation is that it has a lower viability than any other transfection method. In this study, we developed a novel electroporation device using a capillary tip and a pipette that was effective on a wide range of mammalian cells, including cell lines, primary cells, and(More)
The early-age hydration of Portland cement paste has an important impact on the formation of microstructure and development of strength. However, manual derivation of analytic kinetic equation for hydration process is very difficult because there are multi-phased, multi-sized and interrelated complex chemical and physical reactions during cement hydration.(More)
White blood cell (WBC) segmentation, which is important for cytometry, is a challenging issue because of the morphological diversity of WBCs and the complex and uncertain background of blood smear images. This paper proposes a novel method for the nucleus and cytoplasm segmentation of WBCs for cytometry. A color adjustment step was also introduced before(More)
We have designed and evaluated the performance of a simple, rapid, and affordable method for counting CD4(+) T-cells with the use of plastic microchips. This new system is an adaptation of a "no-lyse, no-wash," volumetric single platform assay, and absolute CD4(+) counts are determined with the use of a microscopic scanning cell counter. To assess the(More)
A right-angle prism was used to enhance the acoustic signal of a quartz-enhanced photoacoustic spectroscopy (QEPAS) system. The incident laser beam was parallelly inverted by the right-angle prism and passed through the gap between two tuning fork prongs again to produce another acoustic excitation. Correspondingly, two pairs of rigid metal tubes were used(More)
The division process used in a DFB diode laser-based optical gas sensor was studied to improve the immunity to laser power variation. Residual amplitude modulation (RAM) in wavelength modulation spectroscopy (WMS) detection was eliminated by intensity normalization using a division process. As a result the detected harmonic signals showed a significant(More)
Torreya grandis Fort. ex Lindl, a conifer species widely distributed in Southeastern China, is of high economic value by producing edible, nutrient seeds. However, knowledge about the genome structure and organization of this species is poorly understood, thereby limiting the effective use of its gene resources. Here, we report on a first genetic linkage(More)
With the development of wireless sensor network (WSN), Coverage control problem beconming the studying hotspot of the field in resent years. It is one of the most fundamental problems in research area such as energy-saving communication, path planning, reliable communication and localization of target. This paper focuses on a typical wireless sensor network(More)