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We present a hybrid nanoelectromechanical (NEM)/CMOS static random access memory (SRAM) cell, in which the two pull-down transistors of a conventional CMOS six transistor (6T) SRAM cell are replaced with NEM relays. This SRAM cell utilizes the infinite subthreshold slope and hysteretic properties of NEM relays to dramatically increase the cell stability(More)
A high-Q, tunable, micromechanical capacitor has been realized using an IC-compatible, electroplated-metal, surface-micromachining technology and demonstrated with quality (Q-) factors in excess of 290—the highest reported to date for on-chip tunable capacitors at frequencies near 1 GHz. The key feature in this design that makes possible such high on-chip Q(More)
—We present fully integrated high-performance voltage-controlled oscillators (VCOs) with on-chip microelec-tromechanical system (MEMS) inductors for the first time. MEMS inductors have been realized from the unique CMOS-compatible MEMS process that we have developed to provide suspended thick metal structures for high-quality () factors. Fully integrated(More)
— Using novel micromachining technology, various three-dimensional (3D) on-chip inductors have been fabricated to achieve high performance and small area occupation for GHz applications. We have obtained 14nH, a peak Q of 38 at 1.8GHz with area occupation of 500µm by 500µm excluding pads (56nH/mm 2) from a stacked spiral inductor on a glass substrate. Also,(More)
A new spiral-type suspended transformer for silicon radio frequency integrated circuits (RF ICs) has been fabricated by surface micromachining technology. The fabricated transformer on standard silicon substrate has shown a low insertion loss of 1.9dB at 1GHz by reducing substrate coupling and ohmic loss using the proposed MEMS technology. Equivalent(More)
Transparent display is one of the most promising concepts among the next generation information display devices. Nevertheless, conventional transparent displays have two inherent problems: low forward light efficiency due to the light being emitted also in a backward direction; and low legibility due to the visual interruption caused by the light coming(More)
A mechanical and electrical transistor structure (METS) is proposed for effective voltage scaling. The sub-2 nm nanogap by atomic layer deposition (ALD) without stiction and the application of a dielectric with high-permittivity allowed the pull-in voltage of sub-2 V, showing the strength of the mechanical actuation that is hard to realize in a typical(More)
This paper reports on the electrowetting behavior of a flexible poly(dimethylsiloxane) (PDMS) microlens array. A Cr and Au double-layered electrode was formed on an array of microlenses with diameters of 10 microm and heights of 13 microm. A deposition of parylene and a coating of Teflon were followed for electrical insulation as well as for enhancement of(More)