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Topology identification of weighted complex dynamical networks
Recently, various papers investigated the geometry features, synchronization and control of complex network provided with certain topology. While, the exact topology of a network is sometimes unknownExpand
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Impulsively control complex networks with different dynamical nodes to its trivial equilibrium
This paper investigates the stability of complex networks with different dynamical nodes by impulsive control. Expand
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Estimating the bounds for the Lorenz family of chaotic systems
Abstract In this paper, we derive a sharper upper bound for the Lorenz system, for all the positive values of its parameters a, b and c. Comparing with the best result existing in the currentExpand
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A new two-dimensional discrete chaotic system with rational fraction and its tracking and synchronization
This letter reports the finding of a novel two-dimensional discrete chaotic system. The new system is based on the recently proposed one-dimensional discrete chaotic system with rational fractionExpand
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Compressive-Sensing-Based Structure Identification for Multilayer Networks
In this paper, an optimization-based method is proposed to identify structures in two-layer networks from a limited number of observations for the first time. Expand
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Using sampled-data feedback control and linear feedback synchronization in a new hyperchaotic system
This paper investigates control and synchronization of a new hyperchaotic system which was proposed by [Chen A, Lu J-A, Yu J, Yu S. 2006;364:103–10]. Expand
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Generalized synchronization of complex dynamical networks via impulsive control.
This paper investigates the generalized synchronization (GS) of two typical complex dynamical networks, small-world networks and scale-free networks, in terms of impulsive control strategy. ByExpand
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Scale-free networks which are highly assortative but not small world.
We show that it is possible to generate scale-free networks, with arbitrary degree exponent gamma>1 , such that the average distance between nodes in the network is large. Expand
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Linearly coupled synchronization of the unified chaotic systems and the Lorenz systems
Abstract This paper investigates the synchronization of two linearly coupled unified chaotic systems and two linearly coupled Lorenz systems. Some sufficient conditions for synchronization areExpand
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Linearly and nonlinearly bidirectionally coupled synchronization of hyperchaotic systems
To date, there have been many results about unidirectionally coupled synchronization of chaotic systems. However, much less work is reported on bidirectionally-coupled synchronization. In this paper,Expand
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