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Augmented Reality in Warehouse Operations: Opportunities and Barriers
Abstract In today’s business environment, the efficiency of warehouses can be critical for the efficiency of the overall supply chains they belong to. As a result, new technologies are being testedExpand
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An architecture design for smart manufacturing execution system
ABSTRACTMES (Manufacturing Execution System) puts plans given by enterprise system such as ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) into practice in the shop floor. As contemporary companies are faced withExpand
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Development a Modular Factory with Modular Software Components
Abstract Recent market trends require extremely short product life cycles to cope with individual customer requirements. The key technology to deal with these requirements is plug-and-produce, whichExpand
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Plug-and-Simulate within Modular Assembly Line enabled by Digital Twins and the use of AutomationML
Abstract The Digital Age is becoming the de-facto of future direction in manufacturing domain. Its main driver is the pressure of shorter product life cycles and leads companies to faster engineeringExpand
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STEP-NC machine tool data model and its applications
The machine tool data model of STEP-NC (ISO 14649) was conceived as a necessary extension to the original STEP-NC set of standards to make efficient control possible. The intention of this paper isExpand
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Developing ISO 14649-based conversational programming system for multi-channel complex machine tools
A multi-channel complex machine tool (MCCM) is a versatile machining system equipped with more than two spindles and turrets for both turning and milling operations. Despite the potential of such aExpand
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UbiDM: A new paradigm for product design and manufacturing via ubiquitous computing technology
Since ubiquitous technology was introduced in the early 1980s, it has rapidly developed, and been applied to various domains mainly for the improvement of human life. In this article, the authorsExpand
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An architecture design with data model for product recovery management systems
Due to concerns about environmental protection and resource utilization, product lifecycle management for end-of-life (EOL) has received increasing attention in many industrial sectors includingExpand
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Modular augmented reality platform for smart operator in production environment
The trend of mass customization requires highly flexible production systems, which pose a new challenge for workers. Numerous concepts using augmented reality technologies have been developed toExpand
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STEP-NC compliant process planning of additive manufacturing: remanufacturing
Additive manufacturing is becoming one of the key methods for reproducing repair sections in remanufacturing processes. The major advantage of using additive processes is to minimize production timeExpand
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