Jumpei Tsujiuchi

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Color CCD endoscopes with sequential three-color illuminations have the advantage of high spatial resolution but are sensitive to object motion. A digital method is proposed for the restoration of images color-shifted by the object motion. The method makes use of phase-only matching followed by a resampling operation to compensate for a space-variant shift(More)
When simulated annealing is applied to an ill-posed reconstruction of computer tomography images, the cost function should be appropriately modified to suppress artifacts arising from the ambiguity of null components. This paper shows such modification of the cost function and proves its performance through singular value decomposition analysis. Computer(More)
A phase shifting interferometer using a tunable laser as a light source is proposed for measuring shapes of both surfaces of a glass plate and the distribution of refractive index. To separate the superimposed interferograms generated with many wavefronts reflected from the plate, the phase shift associated with the wavelength shift is applied in the phase(More)
The characteristics of the surface relief hologram which is produced by a photoresist and its replica by an embossing method are experimentally studied. It becomes clear that the maximum diffraction efficiency of the photoresist hologram and that of the replica hologram are almost the same value-21-25%-and the maximum SNR of the original hologram and its(More)
A multiplex hologram (cylindrical holographic stereogram) was successfully made from three-dimensional (3D) surface reconstruction CT images of a child with plagiocephaly. This method appears to be suitable as one of the projectional aids of 3D surface reconstruction CT images that are proving useful in plastic and reconstructive surgery. The principle of(More)
Three-dimensional displays of anatomical structures and clinical findings are very persuasive and instructive. Using multiplex holograms, we designed a display of three-dimensional images of otological specimens. Multiplex holograms, reported by Cross of the United States in 1975, enable reconstruction of three-dimensional moving images and are used for(More)
A radial shearing interferometer with two equispaced circular gratings is described for obtaining a constant radial displacement of the test wavefront. The procedure for the fringe analysis is shown by applying the Fourier transform method to the circular fringe pattern for precisely obtaining the differentiation of the test wavefront. A novel method is(More)
We propose finding an optimal generalized color plane to carry out digital color image correlation. We seek the optimization of the correlation peak's sharpness and, for the purpose of analysis, we make some assumptions regarding the statistical properties of images to be considered. The analysis leads to a simple solution involving a projection onto the(More)