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PURPOSE In order to analyze spontaneous blink kinematics easily and circumstantially, we developed a new method using an intelligent vision system (IVS) camera with a 1 KHz sampling rate, and evaluated the efficacy of this system. METHOD Eleven healthy male volunteers were examined after obtaining informed consent. Eyelid movements in the primary eye(More)
This paper presents Historef, a tool for automating edit history refactoring on Eclipse IDE for Java programs. The aim of our history refactorings is to improve the understandability and/or usability of the history without changing its whole effect. Historef enables us to apply history refactorings to the recorded edit history in the middle of the source(More)
In software configuration management using a version control system, developers have to follow the commit policy of the project. However, preparing changes according to the policy are sometimes cumbersome and time-consuming, in particular when applying large refactoring consisting of multiple primitive refactoring instances. In this paper, we propose a(More)
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