Jumian Feng

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The method of Deutsch and Weeks was modified to provide a reliable and reasonably quick method for assaying the L-ascorbic acid content of culture medium. The modified method was used to determine the decay of L-ascorbic acid under various conditions of culture and the concentration of the vitamin in commercially prepared media. The half-life of L-ascorbic(More)
A continuous flow organ culture system (CFCS) was used to determine the effect of ascorbic acid on the synthesis of collagen and noncollagenous protein by bone of the alveolar process and periodontal ligament in organ cultures of adult mouse periodontium. For the last 24 h of 2 day cultures, 5 µCi/ml3H-proline was added to the medium. Highly purified(More)
Noxious stimuli and non-noxious mechanical stimuli elicit itch (alloknesis) instead of pain on skin lesions of patients with atopic dermatitis. We previously found that bradykinin evokes an itch-related scratching response through activation of kinin B1 receptor in skin inflamed using complete Freund's adjuvant. In this study we investigated whether(More)
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