Jumana Antoun

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AIM This study assesses Arab Middle Eastern primary care practitioners' (PCPs) use of and referral to clinical genetic testing and counseling, as well as the effect of education on their willingness to utilize or refer to these services. METHODS A total of 128 PCPs were surveyed. Data about their demographics, academic background, perceptions about their(More)
INTRODUCTION Over the last decade more emphasis is being put on teaching communication skills (CS). Use of videos and role-play was suggested to improve CS. This article will present the impact of an audiovisual package on promoting the knowledge of medical students in CS. METHODS Seventy-five second year medical students--distributed into eight groups(More)
PURPOSE Domestic violence is prevalent among women using primary health care services in Lebanon and has a negative effect on their health, yet physicians are not inquiring about it. In this study, we explored the attitudes of these women regarding involving the health care system in domestic violence management. METHODS We undertook a qualitative focus(More)
Theranostics represents a broadening in the scope of personalized medicine to include companion diagnostics for health interventions ranging from drugs to vaccines, as well as individual susceptibility to disease. Surprisingly, in the course of this broadening of personalized medicine discourse, relatively little attention has been paid to primary care (as(More)
BACKGROUND Domestic violence (DV) is highly prevalent in the developing and developed world. Healthcare systems internationally are still not adequately addressing the needs of patients experiencing violence. AIM To explore physicians' attitudes about responding to DV, their perception of the physician's role, and the factors that influence their(More)
INTRODUCTION The Balint seminar is used in many family medicine residencies to improve and strengthen the patient-doctor relationship: to make better doctors. Given the lack of Balint leaders in developing countries, the family medicine department at the American University of Beirut (AUB) decided to collaborate with the Medical University of South Carolina(More)
BACKGROUND Chronic pain is a common and important disease state in North America, but many medical students and practicing physicians feel poorly prepared to treat this condition. METHODS Data were collected via the 2014 CERA Family Medicine Clerkship Director survey, which was electronically sent to 121 US and 16 Canadian clerkship directors. The authors(More)
BACKGROUND Email communication between physicians and patients could improve access to and delivery of health care. Most of the literature studies about email communication between physicians and patients have been conducted in developing countries. Therefore, this study aims to analyze the practices, attitudes, and barriers of both physicians' and(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the priority of various aspects of the patient-primary care physician relationship in the decision to visit again that same physician. STUDY SETTINGS: A total of 400 community residents in Ras Beirut, Lebanon. STUDY DESIGN A cross-sectional community based study sampled by a nonrandom sex-education quota-based procedure. DATA(More)