Juma O. Alkhabuli

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BACKGROUND Neo-angiogenesis is an essential process in physiological and pathological conditions. However, it is a complex process. Several studies demonstrated that intra-tumoural microvessel number is a significant predictor of metastasis and clinical outcome in many tumours, including oral malignancies. The immuno-surveillance cells, mast cells and(More)
AIMS The aims of this study were to assess the prevalence of self-reported halitosis, oral hygiene practices and related diseases among Libyan students and employees. METHODS Six hundred self-administered structured questionnaires were used to investigate self-perception of halitosis and oral hygiene practices among a group of Libyan volunteers. Chi(More)
Eosinophils are present in large numbers in some squamous cell carcinomas of the oral cavity. Whilst it is proposed that they have an 'immuno-protective' effect, this remains unproven. The contradictory reports may be due to inconsistencies in eosinophil counting. Eighty-one cases of squamous cell carcinoma (SSC) of oral tongue were examined. Two methods of(More)
Cemento-ossifying fibromas (COF) are benign lesions affecting the jaws and other craniofacial bones. They commonly affect adults between the third and fourth decade of life. Radiographically, they appear as well-defined unilocular or multilocular intraosseous masses, commonly in the premolar/molar region of the mandible. The lesion is invariably(More)
Radicular cysts arise from non-vital teeth. They are inflammatory in nature and are the most common cystic lesion found in the jaw. We present a case of a massive maxillary radicular cyst in a 20 year-old man, diagnosed following an alleged assault and facial fracture. Subsequent abscess formation was initially thought to be infection secondary to haematoma(More)
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