Julius Olatunji Okesola

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Recently, the urge for e-voting has been described to be the inevitable future of electioneering in most countries of the world. Despite all its good features, like the other voting systems it has been seen to also be susceptible to rigging and fraud. Some of its undesirable features include not allowing recounting of votes after election in case of a(More)
Capturing tacit knowledge from multiple experts in different location have not been exactly the easiest of activity for organizations and knowledge developers alike. In this research, the time tested and trusted Delphi technique is critically analyzed to allow for the automation of its processes. A simple prototype design is used to model the algorithm for(More)
Supply chain managers are trying to maximize the profitable operation of their manufacturing and distribution supply chain, but due to global competition in process industries and complexities of the supply chain processes together with large computational times, it has made optimization of supply chain management (SCM) quite difficult. Recently, Knowledge(More)
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