Julius Katz M. D.

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1. Chest X-ray surveys of all the public mental institutions in New York State have been completed. 2. Clinically significant pulmonary tuberculosis was diagnosed in 5.6 per cent of the patients in the State hospitals and in 2.4 per cent of the patients in the State schools and Craig Colony. 3. The prevalence rates increase with the length of time between(More)
The use of BCG vaccine in mental institutions may, therefore, be summarized as follows: 1. Its use for present patients in mental hospitals is limited by the small proportion of non-reactors to tuberculin. 2. In schools for mental defectives, it may be used in a considerable proportion of the present patient population. 3. The proportion of new patients and(More)
1. The danger of development of occupationally-acquired tuberculosis by employees on the general wards of mental institutions is apparently no greater than that by those similarly employed in other hospitals, or in occupations with no known tuberculosis hazard. 2. The tuberculosis incidence rate among employees on the tuberculosis wards is higher than among(More)
1. The results of the first 10 years of operation of a tuberculosis control program among patients in the institutions of the New York State Department of Mental Hygiene are reported. 2. This program consists fundamentally of the early detection and early segregation and treatment of cases of tuberculosis. 3. There has been a considerable decrease in(More)
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