Julius Grodski

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This video describes the development of the ARGOS (Augmented Reality through Graphic Overlays on Stereovideo) system, as a tool for enhancing human-telerobot interaction, and as a more general tool with applications in a variety of areas, including image enhancement, simulation, sensor fusion, and virtual reality. NOTE: Portions of this video are in(More)
The general problem of managing a remotely situated vehicle or manipulator system is discussed, from the point of view of what level of autonomy is feasible. Assuming continued presence of a human operator (HO) in the loop, the advantages of Director / Agent (D/A) control are discussed, as a means of alleviating the tedium of conventional continuous manual(More)
The nondestructive three-dimensional acoustic tomography concept of the present investigation combines computerized tomography image reconstruction algorithms using acoustic diffracting waves together with depth information to produce a three-dimensional (3D) image of an underground section. The approach illuminates the underground area of interest with(More)
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