Julius Gelsvartas

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In recent years, there have been substantial developments in both magnetic resonance imaging techniques and automatic image analysis software. The purpose of this paper is to develop stereological image sampling theory (i.e. unbiased sampling rules) that can be used by image analysts for estimating geometric quantities such as surface area and volume, and(More)
This paper describes in detail the design of the specialized text predictor for patients with Huntington's disease. The main aim of the specialized text predictor is to improve the text input rate by limiting the phrases that the user can type in. We show that such specialized predictor can significantly improve text input rate compared to a standard(More)
This paper describes in detail the implementation of the multimodal user interface for people with disabilities. The user interface can be used with multiple sensors such as eye tracker, brain wave scanner, speech recognizer and sip/puff device. The system makes it possible to use multiple sensors simultaneously or disable some sensors. New sensors can be(More)
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