Julius Beneoluchi Odili

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In past decades, we have seen that the increasing speed of the network attacks compromising computer system functionality and degrading network performance. The security of these systems has attracted a lot of research in the field of intrusion detection and response system to reduce the effect of these attacks. Response is a major part of intrusion(More)
This paper proposes the African Buffalo Optimization (ABO) which is a new metaheuristic algorithm that is derived from careful observation of the African buffalos, a species of wild cows, in the African forests and savannahs. This animal displays uncommon intelligence, strategic organizational skills, and exceptional navigational ingenuity in its traversal(More)
In this paper, an attempt is made to apply the African Buffalo Optimization (ABO) to tune the parameters of a PID controller for an effective Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR). Existing metaheuristic tuning methods have been proven to be quite successful but there were observable areas that need improvements especially in terms of the system's gain(More)
In metabolic network modelling, the accuracy of kinetic parameters has become more important over the last two decades. Even a small perturbation in kinetic parameters may cause major changes in a model’s response. The focus of this study is to identify the kinetic parameters, using two distinct approaches: firstly, a One-at-a-Time Sensitivity Measure,(More)
In this study, a comparative study of the African Buffalo Optimization algorithm and the Randomized Insertion Algorithm to solving the asymmetric Travelling Salesman's Problem is made with the aim of ascertaining a better method to solving the asymmetric Travelling Salesman's Problem instances. The choice of the Random Insertion Algorithm as a comparative(More)
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