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Robust Adaptive Control for Constrained Tilt-Rotor Quadcopters of Unknown Inertial Properties
This analysis is the first to show a nonlinear effect in the vehicle's rotational dynamics due to the fact that not all propellers of a tilt-rotor are aligned to one of the vehicles's principal axes. Expand
Constrained Robust Model Reference Adaptive Control of a Tilt-Rotor Quadcopter Pulling an Unmodeled Cart
This article presents an innovative control architecture for tilt-rotor quadcopters with H-configuration transporting unknown, sling payloads that employs barrier Lyapunov functions and a novel robust model reference adaptive control law to guarantee a priori user-defined constraints on both the trajectory tracking error and the control input, despite poor information on the aircraft's inertial properties and the presence of unknown, unsteady payloads. Expand
Model Reference Adaptive Control of Switched Dynamical Systems with Applications to Aerial Robotics
The effectiveness of the proposed control architecture is proven in two alternative frameworks, that is, analyzing Caratheodory and Filippov solutions of discontinuous differential equations, to verify the applicability of the theoretical results to problems of practical interest. Expand