Julita Williams

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The current recognition of the importance of perceived health status as a predictor of need for, and utilisation of, health services has led to attempts to produce indicators which assess subjective rather than objective health problems. The development of the Nottingham Health Profile is described, together with a study which tested the validity of the(More)
A study is described which tested the reliability of the Nottingham Health Profile, a standardised measure of perceived health status suitable for use with both large groups and individual patients. Patients with osteoarthrosis, uncomplicated by other diagnosed conditions, were given the questionnaire to fill in on two separate occasions four weeks apart.(More)
BACKGROUND Few studies have examined the association between weight perception and socioeconomic status (SES) in sub-Saharan Africa, and none made this association based on education, occupation and income simultaneously. METHODS Based on a population-based survey (n = 1255) in the Seychelles, weight and height were measured and self-perception of one's(More)
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