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High levels of resistance to Apion godinani Wagner have been reported in bean, Phaseolus vulgaris L., landraces from Mexico. We report on the role of hypersensitivity to A. godmani in five resistant and three susceptible bean genotypes. In susceptible genotypes (cultivars 'Canario 107','Jamapa', and 'Zacatecas 45'), the eggs and first instars of A. godmani(More)
Systems Biology is the quantitative analysis of dynamic interactions among several components of a biochemical system, aiming at an understanding of the behavior of the system as a whole. From an experimental perspective, systems biology is a suitable tool to support the biologist in the process of hypotheses generation and the efficient design of(More)
In this study we present a method for simultaneous optimization of several metabolic responses of biochemical pathways. The method, based on the use of the power law formalism to obtain a linear system in logarithmic coordinates, is applied to ethanol production by Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Starting from an experimentally based kinetic model, we translated(More)
Hannes Link a,∗, Julio Vera b,1, Dirk Weuster-Botz a,2, Néstor Torres Darias c,d,3, Ezequiel Franco-Lara a,2,4 a Lehrstuhl für Bioverfahrenstechnik, Technische Universität München, Boltzmannstr. 15, 85748 Garching, Germany b Lehrstuhl für Systembiologie und Bioinformatik, Institut für Informatik, Universität Rostock, Albert Einstein Str. 21, 18051 Rostock,(More)
The 1 mm long Caenorhabditis elegans is one of the prime research tools to study different human neurodegenerative diseases. We have considered the case in which increase in the surrounding temperature of this multicellular model leads to abnormal bursts of neuronal cells that can be linked to seizure or convulsion. The induction of such seizure/convulsion(More)
INTRODUCTION The field of diagnostics for active tuberculosis (TB) is rapidly developing. TB diagnostic modeling can help to inform policy makers and support complicated decisions on diagnostic strategy, with important budgetary implications. Demand for TB diagnostic modeling is likely to increase, and an evaluation of current practice is important. We(More)
The mathematical modelling of signal transduction pathways has become a valuable aid to understanding the complex interactions involved in intracellular signalling mechanisms. An important aspect of the mathematical modelling process is the selection of the model type and structure. Until recently, the convention has been to use a standard kinetic model,(More)
Ageing is a complex multifactorial process involving a progressive physiological decline that, ultimately, leads to the death of an organism. It involves multiple changes in many components that play fundamental roles under healthy and pathological conditions. Simultaneously, every organism undergoes accumulative 'wear and tear' during its lifespan, which(More)
The amplification of signals, defined as an increase in the intensity of a signal through networks of intracellular reactions, is considered one of the essential properties in many cell signalling pathways. Despite of the apparent importance of signal amplification, there have been few attempts to formalise this concept. In this work we investigate the(More)
Systems biology takes an interdisciplinary approach to the systematic study of complex interactions in biological systems. This approach seeks to decipher the emergent behaviors of complex systems rather than focusing only on their constituent properties. As an increasing number of examples illustrate the value of systems biology approaches to understand(More)