Julio Solís-Daun

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In this paper, we propose an explicit formula for bounded continuous feedback laws taking values in the interval U &#x2254; [r<sup>&#x2212;</sup>, r<sup>+</sup>] that renders an affine system globally asymptotically stable. The case of bounded positive feedback controls (r<sup>&#x2212;</sup> = 0) is also included. Additionally, the problem of designing a(More)
Our main aim in this work is to study how to render an affine control system globally asymptotically stable (GAS), when the control value set (CVS) is given by an m-hyperbox B<sub>r</sub><sup>m</sup> (&#x221E;) := [-r<sub>1</sub><sup>-</sup>, r<sub>1</sub><sup>+</sup>] &#x00D7; ... &#x00D7; [-r<sub>m</sub><sup>-</sup>, r<sub>m</sub><sup>+</sup>] with 0(More)
In this paper, an inverse system approach for communications using chaotic signals is presented. In this approach, the transmitter contains a chaotic oscillator with an input that is modulated by the information signal. The receiver is a linear asymptotic approximation to the inverse system and contains an integral feedback to cope with nonlinearities. Some(More)
In this paper we study a kind of even degree polynomials of a special form. Necessary and sufficient conditions are given in order to decide if such polynomials have all their roots on the unit circle. Next, we apply these results to obtain sufficient conditions to have the Schur stability of a segment of polynomials.