Julio R. Robledo

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This paper presents results from a field study on voluntary contributions for an information public good provided via the Internet (an electronic newsletter for authors). Whereas the standard private provision model predicts that individuals contribute less if other individuals contribute more, we find that readers are more likely to pay the more they(More)
We consider the strategic role of uncertainty and information acquisition for the mitigation of global warming which is modeled using a standard framework for private provision of a public good. Prior to the voluntary contribution mechanism, we allow for investments in information about the country-specific benefit of reductions of the emissions of(More)
We use a model of horizontal and vertical differentiation to study physicians' incentives to provide quality in the physician-patient relationship under price regulation. If the price is the only regulatory variable, the social planner cannot implement the first-best policy. Moreover, the second-best policy is time inconsistent. Excess entry and first-best(More)
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