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To harness the complexity of big legacy software, software engineering tools need more and more information on these systems. This information may come from analysis of the source code, study of execution traces, computing of metrics, etc. One source of information received less attention than source code: the bugs on the system. Little is known about the(More)
The aim of this study was twofold (1), to examine the prospective relationship of baseline TV viewing with BMI and CRF both at baseline and over a 2-year period, and (2) to examine the prospective relationship of baseline TV viewing and changes (Delta) on BMI and CRF over a 2-year period. Data were collected in a sample of 135 (64 girls) rural children ages(More)
We use a microscopic model of population dynamics, a modified version of the well known Penna model, to study some aspects of microevolution. This research is motivated by recent reports on the effect of selective hunting on the gene pool of bighorn sheep living in the Ram Mountain region, in Canada. Our model finds a sharp transition in the structure of(More)
OBJECTIVE The main aim of this research project was to measure the effects of physical activity on corporal composition (BMI and waist circumference) on spirometric values and relate these indicators to the respiratory/ventilator function. MATERIAL AND METHODS The sample consisted of 86 individuals, higher education students, with an average age of 21.3 ±(More)
In a complete study in 25 patients with American cutaneous leishmaniasis, caused by Leishmania braziliensis complex, immunotherapeutic efficacy of parasite derived antigen (94-67 KD) has been compared to antimonial therapy. Additionally, to delineate the mechanism of therapeutic success, microscopical features of immune response in active lesions and healed(More)
OBJECTIVE This study aimed to examine the prospective relationship of baseline body mass index (BMI) and performance in a cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF) field test with a change in BMI (DeltaBMI) over a 2-year period in a sample of rural children from elementary school in Fundão, Portugal. METHODS Obesity status was obtained by the age- and sex-specific(More)
A microscopic agent dynamical model for diploid age-structured populations is used to study evolution of polymorphism and sympatric speciation. The underlying ecology is represented by a unimodal distribution of resources of some width. Competition among individuals is also described by a similar distribution, and its strength is maximum for individuals(More)
This article provides a literature review about the impact of the intangible assets on the design of corporate financial and governance policies. Intangible assets show a set of characteristicsnamely, high levels of risk and uncertainty, firm-specificity, human capital intensity, low observability and long-term naturethat make them markedly distinct from(More)
Martins, J., Torres, B., Cardoso, J., Costa, A.M., & Honório, S. (2015). Influence of sociological aspects on the level of physical activity in physical education students. J. Hum. Sport Exerc., 10(3), pp.815-826. Adopting and maintaining an active lifestyle for adolescent students, seems to be impaired and influenced by several factors, among them stand(More)