Julio Lumbreras

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BACKGROUND Health effects linked to exposure to high air pollutant levels have been described in depth, and many recent epidemiologic studies have also consistently reported positive associations between exposure to air pollutants at low concentrations (particularly PM(2.5)) and adverse health outcomes. OBJECTIVE To estimate the number of avoidable deaths(More)
BACKGROUND In recent years, Spain has implemented a number of air quality control measures that are expected to lead to a future reduction in fine particle concentrations and an ensuing positive impact on public health. OBJECTIVES We aimed to assess the impact on mortality attributable to a reduction in fine particle levels in Spain in 2014 in relation to(More)
Modeling is an essential tool for the development of atmospheric emission abatement measures and air quality plans. Most often these plans are related to urban environments with high emission density and population exposure. However, air quality modeling in urban areas is a rather challenging task. As environmental standards become more stringent (e.g.(More)
A module to estimate risks of ozone damage to vegetation has been implemented in the Integrated Assessment Modelling system for the Iberian Peninsula. It was applied to compute three different indexes for wheat and Holm oak; daylight AOT40 (cumulative ozone concentration over 40 ppb), cumulative ozone exposure index according to the Directive 2008/50/EC(More)
As environmental standards become more stringent (e.g. European Directive 2008/50/EC), more reliable and sophisticated modeling tools are needed to simulate measures and plans that may effectively tackle air quality exceedances, common in large cities across Europe, particularly for NO2. Modeling air quality in urban areas is rather complex since observed(More)
The interaction between cefotaxime and the serum albumin of several mammalian species (swine, rabbits, and sheep) at the albumin concentration of 5 x 10(-5) M was studied. Ultrafiltration and spectrophotometric determination of the free antibiotic in the filtrate were used. Binding percentages were determined, and the binding constants and number of sites(More)
In this work, a reliable method is described for speciation of soluble inorganic selenium ions, Se(IV) and Se(VI), which combines an uptake process by using living bacterial cells and electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometry (ETAAS). A selective retention of either Se(IV) or Se(IV) plus Se(VI) can be carried out by using the uptake system made up of(More)
Black carbon is the second largest contributor to climate change and also poses risks to human health. Despite the need for black carbon (BC) emissions estimates from residential biomass burning for cooking, quantitative data are still scarce. This scarcity is mainly due to the scattered location of the stoves, as well as relatively costly and complex(More)
INTRODUCTION Clustering techniques for the classification of air mass trajectories used in the past varied widely, based on different hierarchical and non-hierarchical approaches. Recently, Artificial Neural Networks have gained interest and are increasingly recognized as a useful statistical technique for the prediction and classification of both(More)