Julio Lumbreras

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INTRODUCTION Clustering techniques for the classification of air mass trajectories used in the past varied widely, based on different hierarchical and non-hierarchical approaches. Recently, Artificial Neural Networks have gained interest and are increasingly recognized as a useful statistical technique for the prediction and classification of both(More)
Implementation of road dust resuspension in air quality simulations of particulate matter in Madrid (Spain). An evaluation of the concentration levels of Particulate Matter (PM) was carried out in Madrid (Spain) by introducing the emissions from road dust resuspension. Road dust resuspension emission factors (EF) for different types of vehicles were(More)
The " Universidad Politécnica de Madrid " (UPM) has recently finished the first stage of the SEP (Spain's Emission Projection) project, under contract with the Ministry of Environment of Spain. In order to evaluate the alternatives to improve Air Quality, yearly emissions up to 2020 have been projected under several scenarios, compatible with the CAFE(More)
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