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Using coherent-state techniques, we prove a sampling theorem for Majorana's (holomor-phic) functions on the Riemann sphere and we provide an exact reconstruction formula as a convolution product of N samples and a given reconstruction kernel (a sinc-type function). We also discuss the effect of over-and under-sampling. Sample points are roots of unity, a(More)
An element u of a norm-unital Banach algebra A is said to be unitary if u is invertible in A and satisfies u = u −1 = 1. The norm-unital Banach algebra A is called unitary if the convex hull of the set of its unitary elements is norm-dense in the closed unit ball of A. If X is a complex Hilbert space, then the algebra BL(X) of all bounded linear operators(More)
In this paper we are mainly concerned with the study of polarizations (in general of higher-order type) on a connected Lie group with a U(1)-principal bundle structure. The representation technique used here is formulated on the basis of a group quantization formalism previously introduced which generalizes the Kostant-Kirillov co-adjoint orbits method for(More)
Citation Mazzini, F. et al. " Tactile robotic mapping of unknown surfaces: an application to oil well exploration. Article is made available in accordance with the publisher's policy and may be subject to US copyright law. Please refer to the publisher's site for terms of use. The MIT Faculty has made this article openly available. Please share how this(More)
The algebra of linear and quadratic functions of basic observables on the phase space of either the free particle or the harmonic oscillator possesses a finite-dimensional anomaly. The quantization of these systems outside the critical values of the anomaly leads to a new degree of freedom which shares its internal character with spin, but nevertheless(More)
We present a unified group-theoretical derivation of the Continuous Wavelet Transform (CWT) on the circle S 1 and the real line R, following the general formalism of Coherent States (CS) associated to unitary square integrable (modulo a subgroup, possibly) representations of the group SL(2, R). A general procedure for obtaining unitary representations of a(More)
We present a novel technique for estimating initial 3D poses in the context of localization and Visual SLAM problems. The presented approach can deal with noise, outliers and a large amount of input data and still performs in real time in a standard CPU. Our method produces solutions with an accuracy comparable to those produced by RANSAC but can be much(More)