Julio Gonzalez-Atavales

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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Continuous arterial spin-labeled perfusion MRI (CASL-PI) uses electromagnetically labeled arterial blood water as a diffusible tracer to noninvasively measure cerebral blood flow (CBF). We hypothesized that CASL-PI could detect perfusion deficits and perfusion/diffusion mismatches and predict outcome in acute ischemic stroke. (More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Interictal hypometabolism has lateralizing value in cases of temporal lobe epilepsy and positive predictive value for seizure-free outcome after surgery to treat epilepsy. Alterations in regional cerebral metabolism can also be inferred from measurements of regional cerebral perfusion. The purpose of this study was to determine the(More)
Our model of sentence comprehension includes at least grammatical processes important for structure-building, and executive resources such as working memory that support these grammatical processes. We hypothesized that a core network of brain regions supports grammatical processes, and that additional brain regions are activated depending on the working(More)
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