Julio Gonzales

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Stimulation of the hypogastric nerve (HGN) often evokes bilateral responses in some pelvic organs. Retrograde labeling studies indicate that axons of postganglionic neurons often cross to the opposite side. However, there is little information available as to whether preganglionic fibers in the HGN have a contralateral projection to pelvic ganglia. A(More)
The main penile or cavernous nerve is usually regarded as the most important vasodilator projection in the rat. Although other descending pathways have been described, there is little detailed information on their importance. In this present report, we provide topographic and quantitative information on lateral and ventral penile branches and examine the(More)
Preface New types of text sources, multilingual , with numerous cooperating or even ad-versarial authors and little or no editorial control are one effect of the recently dramatically lowered publication threshold. Many contain linguistic items or features classically associated with spoken language — combining the high in-teractivity of dialogue with the(More)
A case of a 65 years old patient with visual and auditory hallucinations, left hemibody stiffness which progressed to the right side, with demonstration by electroencephalography abundant slow triphasic waves, alternating with periods of of wideness reduction, is presented. Brain histopathology showed astrogliosis and cytoplasm and neuron vacuolisation,(More)
Cytochrome oxidase staining was used as a marker of metabolic activity in neural elements in the rat major pelvic ganglion. Many neurons in the ventral pole of the ganglion have little cytochrome oxidase activity, while neurons in other locations show gradations in staining intensity. Punctate staining around principal neurons may represent preganglionic(More)
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