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The MPEG-1 Layer 3 compression schema of audio signal, commonly known as mp3, has caused a great impact in recent years as it has reached high compression rates while conserving a high sound quality. Music and speech samples compressed at high bitrates are perceptually indistinguishable from the original samples, but very little was known about how(More)
The MPEG-1 Layer 3 compression schema of audio signal, or commonly known as mp3, has caused a great impact in recent years as it has reached high compression rates while also conserving a high sound quality. Previous listening tests have shown that music and speech samples compressed at high bitrates are virtually indistinguishable from the original(More)
Can learning capacity of the human brain be predicted from initial spontaneous functional connectivity (FC) between brain areas involved in a task? We combined task-related functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and resting-state fMRI (rs-fMRI) before and after training with a Hindi dental-retroflex nonnative contrast. Previous fMRI results were(More)
Variability in talker identity, one type of indexical variation, has demonstrable effects on the speed and accuracy of spoken word recognition. Furthermore, neuropsychological evidence suggests that indexical and linguistic information may be represented and processed differently in the 2 cerebral hemispheres, and is consistent with findings from the visual(More)
Some words immediately and automatically remind us of odours, smells and scents, whereas other language items do not evoke such associations. This study investigated, for the first time, the abstract linking of linguistic and odour information using modern neuroimaging techniques (functional MRI). Subjects passively read odour-related words ('garlic',(More)
A correlational study of the reliability of acoustic voice parameters was made of 148 healthy adults. Acoustic analysis was performed with MDVP-Multi-Dimensional Voice Program implemented in a CSL-Computerized Speech Lab of Kay Elemetrics. A set of 29 voice parameters were obtained from two samples of sustained vowel /a/ recorded from each subject. General(More)
BACKGROUND The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of tobacco on the voice in a relatively early stage of the cigarette-smoking habit (<10 years). MATERIAL/METHODS A multi-parameter acoustic analysis tool, the Multi-Dimensional Voice Program (MDVP), was used to obtain a set of 27 parameters from sustained vowel phonations of 134 non-dysphonic(More)
Because many words are typically used in the context of their referent objects and actions, distributed cortical circuits for these words may bind information about their form with perceptual and motor aspects of their meaning. Previous work has demonstrated such semantic grounding for sensorimotor, visual, auditory, and olfactory knowledge linked to words,(More)
Considerable research on speech intelligibility for cochlear-implant users has been conducted using acoustic simulations with normal-hearing subjects. However, some relevant topics about perception through cochlear implants remain scantly explored. The present study examined the perception by normal-hearing subjects of gender and identity of a talker as a(More)
The present study deals with a right-handed female polyglot suffering from a Foreign Accent Syndrome (FAS) which affects her native language (L1), but not her other languages learnt since the age of 12. She had a small infarct in the left corona radiata as the result of a carotid occlusion. Her L1 was Spanish, but she also had a good command of French,(More)