Julio Garrido

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The rare Egyptian vulture (Neophron percnopterus) stands out among the Old World vultures (Family Accipitridae) because of its brightly ornamented head, which is coloured yellow by carotenoid pigments, and its practice of feeding on faeces. Here we show that Egyptian vultures obtain these pigments from the excrement of ungulates. To our knowledge, this is(More)
To determine the effects of dietary fat saturation on plasma lipoproteins, we studied 21 free-living normolipidemic women (13 pre- and 8 postmenopausal) on three consecutive diet periods. During the first 4 wk they consumed a saturated diet rich in palm oil and butter [19% saturated fatty acids (S), 14% monounsaturated fatty acids (M), and 3.5%(More)
Dissemination of knowledge in genetics to be applied in medicine has created a growing need for capacity building in health care workers. The CAPABILITY ARGENTINA outreach project protocol was designed as a model to introduce genetics in areas without genetic services. Our aim was for genetic health care to become part of primary care in an Argentine(More)
Lyme disease or Lyme borreliosis is an infectious disease transmitted by ticks and caused by Borrelia burgdorferi. Being clinically different from Relapsing Fever it may cause an array of symptoms, specially cutaneous and neurological but also musculoskeletal and cardiac ones. Within the neurologic manifestations of Lyme disease the affectation of low(More)
On complex and flexible industrial collaboration environments, manufacturing traceability has to move from a traditional internal enterprise activity-based view to a collaborative and distributed one. The objective is to implement global traceability: traceability of the whole manufacturing process when performed by several partner companies (extended(More)
We report a 44 year old male suffering from rheumatoid arthritis that developed myokymias when treated with gold salts. Myokymia is a clinical phenomenon characterized by involuntary repetitive contractions of muscle fibres, which give an undulating appearance to the overlying skin, last a few seconds, and with a typical electromyographic activity described(More)
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