Julio Galindo

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The application of mesh-reinforced hiatal closure has resulted in a significant reduction in recurrence rates in comparison with primary suture repair. However, the use of meshes has not completely extended in all the cases of large paraesophageal hiatal hernias (LPHH) due to the complications related to them. The aim of this study is to present our(More)
The most common sex chromosome complex in sex chromatin-positive males with Klinefelter's syndrome is XXY. When the complex is XXYY or XXXY, the clinical findings do not seem to differ materially from those seen in XXY subjects, although more patients with these intersexual chromosome complements need to be studied to establish possible phenotypical(More)
To evaluate the effect of two supplementary diets to determine the consequence on productive and reproductive performance in heifers (Bos indicus x Bos taurus) averaging between 24 and 36 months of age and grazing tropical pastures, two trials were conducted. Thirty animals (initial BW 325.1+/-33.6 kg) were divided in two groups in the initial study:(More)
The effects of gallamine on the intraspinal field potentials and the dorsal root potentials produced by antidromic stimulation of motor fibres were studied in the isolated frog spinal cord preparation. After gallamine (10-3 M), the duration of the negative field potential produced by antidromic activation of motoneurons (N1 response) was increased often(More)
A longitudinal survey was carried out to determine and describe the prevalence and intensity of gastrointestinal parasite infections and Dictyocaulus viviparus in a dairy and a beef cattle farm of two different ecological zones in Costa Rica. The influence of anthelmintic treatment, age and meteorological factors (rainfall, minimum and maximum temperatures)(More)
Bariatric surgery results in the complete resolution of male obesity-associated secondary hypogonadism (MOSH) in many patients. However, the effects of different bariatric surgical procedures on male sexual hormone profiles and sexual dysfunction have not been compared to date. We compared the pre- and post-operative (at least 6 months after initial(More)
To study the prevalence of male obesity-secondary hypogonadism (MOSH) in patients with moderate to severe obesity, we performed a prospective prevalence study including 100 male patients with moderate to severe obesity at a university tertiary hospital. Total testosterone (TT) and sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) concentrations among others were assayed(More)