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The IMAGE spacecraft uses photon and neutral atom imaging and radio sounding techniques to provide global images of Earth's inner magnetosphere and upper atmosphere. Auroral imaging at ultraviolet wavelengths shows that the proton aurora is displaced equatorward with respect to the electron aurora and that discrete auroral forms at higher latitudes are(More)
The energetic neutral atom (ENA) images obtained by the ISEE and POLAR satellites pointed the way toward global imaging of the magnetospheric plasmas. The Imager for Magneto-pause to Aurora Global Exploration (IMAGE) is the first mission to dedicate multiple neutral atom imagers: HENA, MENA and LENA, to monitor the ion distributions in high-, medium-and(More)
The maternal and paternal genomes play different roles in mammalian brains as a result of genomic imprinting, an epigenetic regulation leading to differential expression of the parental alleles of some genes. Here we investigate genomic imprinting in the cerebellum using a newly developed Bayesian statistical model that provides unprecedented(More)
Mammalian evolution entailed multiple innovations in gene regulation, including the emergence of genomic imprinting, an epigenetic regulation leading to the preferential expression of a gene from its maternal or paternal allele. Genomic imprinting is highly prevalent in the brain, yet, until recently, its central roles in neural processes have not been(More)
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