Julio Dávila

Dolores Caballero2
Lourdes Vázquez2
Sara Alonso2
Renata Cabral1
Rocío Corral1
2Dolores Caballero
2Lourdes Vázquez
2Sara Alonso
1Renata Cabral
1Rocío Corral
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Sixty-seven-year-old patient, diagnosed with multiple myeloma who had received autologous stem cell transplantation, following bortezomib, dexamethasone and thalidomide conventional regimen, achieving complete response, developed rash, diarrhea, and severe respiratory failure, 80 days after the transplantation procedure. He was diagnosed with(More)
Detailed knowledge about differentiation syndrome (DS) has remained limited. There are 2 large studies conducted by the Spanish workgroup PETHEMA (Programa Español de Tratamientos en Hematología; Spanish Program on Hematology Treatments) and the European group trial (LPA 96-99 and APL 93) in which the incidence, characteristics, prognostic factors and(More)
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