Julio Cesar Martínez Romo

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This article presents an innovative technique for solving the problem of finding the core within a fingerprint. The Radon transform and a tree clustering algorithm were key to locating the coordinates of the core. Binarization and high-pass filtering processes to improve the contrast in fingerprints are proposed. The core of a fingerprint is located in the(More)
In this paper we present the use of Kohonen’s Neural Network (or Self-Organizing Map SOM) in an Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) for isolated words in Spanish language with Mexican accent for a single speaker, the words that used indicated directionality, this application could be used in an automatic wheelchair. The corpus of this application uses four(More)
The harmful presence of cancerous cells in the feminine breast brings as a result, breast cancer, illness that has spread widely lately, not only in Mexico, but in other parts of the planet. In this paper we present a method of automatic Breast cancer classification, in which a Raman signal is classified as coming from a biopsy of healthy tissue (class ω1)(More)
This paper describes a new implementation of a mixture of techniques not used before for fingerprint recognition. The implementation consists of three stages: the location of the core, which is done through Radon transformation, the extraction of features (out of which a square fingerprint is produced with the core, and the center of the mass is obtained(More)
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