Julio C O Garcia

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BACKGROUND CD90(+) prostate cancer-associated (CP) stromal cells represent a diseased cell type found only in tumor tissue. They differ from their normal counterpart in gene expression and inductive signaling. Genetic reprogramming by induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cell technology can effectively change adult cells into stem-like cells through wholesale(More)
There is evidence that guanine nucleotide-sensitive (G) proteins intervene in the activation of adenylate cyclase by parathyroid hormone (PTH). Furthermore, recent studies suggest that G proteins may be involved in the activation by PTH of phospholipase C, with subsequent elevation of diacylglycerol, inositol trisphosphate, and intracellular calcium. Since(More)
The mechanisms involved in mediating desensitization and down-regulation of renal PTH receptors have not been defined. Recent studies indicate that PTH binding promotes not only stimulation of adenylate cyclase and activation of protein kinase-A (PK-A), but also, stimulation of phospholipase-C, leading to activation of PK-C. PK-C has been shown to alter(More)
Current evidence indicates that signal transduction after receptor binding of PTH involves the stimulation of adenylate cyclase as well as stimulation of phosphoinositide metabolism. Recent studies, showing that PTH alters phosphate transport in opossum kidney cells at concentrations which do not increase cAMP production and that activators of protein(More)
The regeneration of the vallate papilla in the rat was studied by both light and electron microscopy. The papillae were excised and regeneration was studied at time intervals of 3 to 45 days. It was found that the vallate papilla is capable of regeneration after both partial and total papillectomies. The regenerated papillae were asymmetrical in shape.(More)
The distribution of met-enkephalin in the cat and its modifications following the stimulation by intravenous clonidine, was studied with indirect immunocytochemical techniques. We observed a decrease in the immunoreactivity of met-enkephalin following the administration of clonidine, relative to the controls, in the following structures: locus coeruleus,(More)
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